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Day 3 26.03.2020

Day 3 26.03.2020

Choose 4 concepts from all the concepts from Day 2, for example, Charles’s,  Concept 1: Yellow teacher - rebounds of the body creating a form and finding a twist rebound .34’s - .43’s would be the example of one concept.

So please choose 4 different concepts from Day 2

Improvise on each of the 4 concepts individually for 10minutes, write down all your findings after each improvisation.

Create 4 repetitive movements like an Instagram boomerang that represents each of the concepts. Film each one for 1minute, individually name them, included in the name, the concept that it came from.

Improvise with the 4 boomerangs and find a way to shift organically and progressively between them.  Film this improvisation for 10 minutes name it and include in the name '4 boomerangs'

Write a new score that can include parts of or all of:

  • Your original score from Day 2 (in the same order or rearranged) 

  • The four concepts you used today. 

  • The individual boomerangs with or without the progressive organic shifts.

Improvise with Day 3 score for 10 minutes, name the score.

Within the score add disturbances that can happen at any time:

  • Stop and start

  • Coming back to neutral 

  • A dynamic walk 

Whatever you can imagine try it. What to share Please leave in the comments box

  • The 4 concepts you chose and your findings for each one.

  • Your new Day 3 score.

How we start Please watch this video and read the information on the film by the great Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen as a way to get warm, use the information she talks about and improvise on it as a base to all the movements you need to get warm, and to stay fit. ( you can do this at the same time as the video plays) 

Once you have done that please take a short break and reflect on your improve, take your own personal notes. After your break, you can start with the daily task.  Please write everything down, be creative in your note-taking, use colour, draw and write.   Here is some music inspiration:

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Mar 26, 2020

Floating florist in a reduced space.

Letting drops of water affect body parts. The drop resonances as if it was falling into a still water.

The brushing knitter is playing hide an seek.

Once he wants to be seen, then disapears.

Pulling and pushing. The bubbling cellist is trying to play, but can not find harmony.

Up and down, side to side. The yellow teacher can only connect two points into a line.


Mar 26, 2020



Rewind movement - 

I imagined that my spine was the pin in a cassette player that rewound the cassette cog and my arms and legs turned due to this.

Internal squiggly line -

The internal squiggly line was on a horizontal plane and went from my feet to my hips to my shoulders my arms became like seaweed moving with the undulation of the body 

Inside tube -

I stand in the tube and I rotate the inside walls the tube can expand and it can get bigger, I am always connected to the inside walls

two points - 

The two-points are fixed in the space and I draw a figure of 8 around them each hand…


Mar 26, 2020

day 3: yellow floating knitter cellist in the forest i build a road with my feet used to smooth and design its surface my path is clear and evident without rest i make a rhythmic sound like an engine to create a counterpart to the work of building the road my arms held out from my body symbolize the shape of the engine i turn and turn and turn as many times as i remain intrested in turning on this new road i bring separate body parts together a whirling twisting whole becomes a lightful game

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