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03.11.2020 Share your story.

This day we looked back at all the material we created during the first lockdown. Instead of following it from the beginning, we were free to take whatever we wanted to create a solo that was based on our time in lockdown.

- take any dynamic to create movement.

- imagine you are in your flat.

The 2nd task was to watch the solos of the others and take one aspect of there solo that stands out to you and create an improvisation based on that aspect.

what I mean by aspect is any:

- movement dynamic; acceleration, deceleration isolation, swing, drop, flick, release, tension. etc

- form; any specific body form that is made.

- specific body part; did they only use one body part or several in a specific way.

- direction; the use of the direction of movement

- space; where and how the performer places themselves in space

- rhythm; the rhythm of movement, the parts of the body or the body as a whole.

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