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10.11.2020 - Putting it Together.

The day started by considering the wise words of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, which I summarise; one can organise themselves around a keystone of the body which could be an organ or one can be the organ and move from that keystone.

After this, we explored how different organs can relate to different extremities.

The large intestine to the legs

The lungs to the arms

The heart to the mouth

the brain to the skull.

In the exploration, we considered the skeletal system and the muscular system.

We gave time for our Improvisations and stories then improvised on them side by side for 15 minutes.

The results were:

- How much can or should we allow or not allow our selves to be consciously influenced by the other.

- the use of our space.

- the plane is the point of transition from one improvisation to the other how can this be more clear or how can one be more invested in the tone of this plane.

- The time factor of each impulse within each of the improvisation, this can be as stated above, being the impulse or organised around the impulse - the duration of the impulse or the frequacny between the impulses.

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