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16.11.2020 First day at Hellerau (Studio A)

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It was very strange to receive the key from Wolfram at the window at Hellerau, strange but also with a certain uniqueness and unknowing of what the future holds for all of us. Anger and frustration is definitely part of it, organising just to reorganise two months later is no way to live the difference between us and Sisyphus is we can walk away. It is true that whatever will happen this work will have a way to be realised, with plans in the pipeline we are prepared for the inevitable continued closing of the theatres in December.

Rant over, but also thanks, Wolfram.

In the new space, we taped our allocated dance spaces. 4m x 2.5m.

Task 1

Divide your cuboid into different sections.

Kandinsky line.

A line has direction

a straight line has one force of energy, that can be a clear

- choice

- impulse

A curved line has two forces opposing on the line

- consideration of an idea

- awareness

- perspective

The vertical line

- white

- warm

the horizontal line

- black

- cold

Diagonal line

- red

- towards the vertical yellow

- towards the horizontal green

With this information, we could choose what the forces where that created a straight line or a curved line; this could be the space that the three other dancers are in at a point in time or in that moment.

The cuboid could also have a spatial definition that activates a certain awareness or movement type.

All movement was decided to be done in a pedestrian fashion.

We called this section B

With section B we could define three sections

Section A - inclusive of 1. Body layers 2. Dynamics 3. influenced

Section B - Pedestrian Space

Section C - A + B = C

We tried these firstly in the order we felt in the moment - we had free agency on what section to be.

This resulted in a lack of definition as the group force of one person changing drew the attention of the others resulting in the others simply following. There was a lack of contrast in the first attempt.

To train, we individually chose our own order to be played out over a 10-minute duration, a maximum of 4 changes was permitted.


This created a much stronger composition and contrast flirting with the notion of fixed predetermined choreography (Woop Woop)

With this embodied sensation we came back to a freer realm. One could choose if they wanted to have a fixed order or to choose a section at any moment.

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