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04.11.2020 we found our point

The last day of the first week came to a collective feeling of one point that we shared in us. This was a wonderful surprise and in revealing itself connected us in a physical (distanced) and mental way - a collective mind-body connection.

We continued our research from the day before, in the improvisations based on one aspect of our colleges improvisational material.

We then researched what we had:

- our story (created from the material we had already created in the first lockdown)

- the 3 improvisations created from the others.

The research questions.

- how to deconstruct to the basic principle ie. dynamic, form, texture, a rhythm so that it's clear so that you can use that principle to create and improvise to enter into a style of improvised language.

- locate what layer of the body this principle is working in i.e bones, liquids, nervous system, fascia, muscles

Once we had a clearer knowledge of these two research questions we aimed the research to consider the expression or, in the case of Kandinsky, the plane that arose in the transitions between the individual improvisation and/or the story. To be able to experience the plane the end and start point of the transitions had to be located. To locate the end and start points we addressed the topic of awareness, which opened up a larger topic.

The main question of interest that arose is how or where, in that case, which part or point of the body are we using to be aware of the layers of our body and/or the principle movement we are improvising with at that time.

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