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Spinner light - the online beginning (( 24th of March ))

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Spinner Light Looks to Kandinsky's writings 'Point and Line to Plane' and 'Concerning the Spiritual in Art' as a means to compose dance movement individually and collectively. The concept was realised when I became aware of an inner lacking, that I had started to feel after I stopped dancing professionally in full-time employment. In Kandinsky's writing, I came across the term 'inner harmony' which resonated with me as I realised this was what I was lacking and it was what dance had given me without me knowing. It was through considering this that I realised that I was spending less time with my body and more time with my computer, which I have come to believe resulted in a feeling of estrangement to my body, which evoked the feeling of lacking in me. Ironically, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, I am relying on the internet to go into an open dialogue with you all so you can follow our creative research and see how we will create choreography from the comfort of our homes that aims to compose a sensation of 'inner harmony' in us and hopefully you. You are implored to make suggestions and try out the movement tasks yourselves film them and upload them here.

Therefore, over the next five weeks, I will be using this medium of communication and sharing, as a way, to create a Spinner light with three other dancers, that you will get to know.

Seraphine Detscher,

Lilia Ossiek,

David Le Thai,

Over the first three weeks we will be working completely online and from home, depending on the circumstances, in the last two weeks, we will come together and compose what we have researched. Spinner light will Premier at Hellerau on the 30th of April 2020.

Lets then get stuck into the digital and see what becomes of the physical.

A taste of what's to come

I will share tasks and concepts for different types of movement i.e improvisation, fixed material or semi-fixed material - the floating factor (the plurality in unified movement) and states (we are embodiment)

In the comments box of each task, you can share your findings, depending on the task will, of course, depend on the formate you can share it in. But what is true always is those who break the rules make the rules, but let's always remember the rules, the rules of respect and our creative privilege should be always remembered, but those of structure and rule should be changed. I say this as this is open to feedback, so I don't need to say take care and love our environment and those in it who give life to the moment that we share is a reality we don't yet know, maybe this is the only future that has a chance, the present. (Mark Fisher "Acid communism")

As well as sharing you can create yourself, so we can meet you.

There is a login option where you can create your own profile, in your profile you are free to create your digital dancer. Please feel free to be creative and add to it whatever you wish, and enjoy.

The three topics I will expand on are:

Point - where it all starts, where it all ends, temporality, rhythm, phrasing, disturbance, tensions and texture.

Line - singular force or two forces, direction & temperature, the perception of angles and the colours that are resonating.

Plane - the canvas the field that everything moves into or exists on - considering what the inner manifestation field is and the outer field environment is. Awareness to sensations as the guide to composing searching for 'inner' harmony.

I look forward to meeting you in this digital dance.

This work was funded by:

Der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen. Diese Maßnahme wird mitfinanziert durch Steuermittel auf der Grundlage des von dem Abgeordneten des Sächsischen Landtags beschlossenen Haushalts.

Dem Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz der Landeshauptstadt Dresden.

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