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Day 1 24.03.2020

24.03.2020 Day 1 

Find up to three characters that combine two of the following: actions, colour, activity, profession. 

i.g a pink skater, a running chef or a blue dentist.

Improvise on this character

Each improvisation should not be less than 15 minutes.

During the improvisation be aware of the words as individual words and or as a combination of the words: what does each word resonate to you, a sound, a cloud, a texture, a time, a place and how do those words interact with each other, do they take you into your imagination, do they fight over how many letters they have, are they lovers who love a certain colour.

( the movement, therefore, should be a response to what is signified by the signifier ) 

Allow the flow, go with it. Find out where it takes you!


Signified -  the meaning or idea expressed by a sign, as distinct from the physical form in which it is expressed.

Signifier - a sign's physical form ( such as a sound, printed word, or image ) as distinct from its meaning

Further explanation

Through the approach of awareness, what does the meaning of the individual words or combination of the words do to your body movement and by bringing your awareness to the movement where does this bring you in your unique life experience with these words or combination of words? Where does this bring you in your home, and in relation to what? 

This deconstructive approach facilitates a plurality and brings to the foreground your own personal relation to meaning, which is correct for this task. Let your self go into the task and see where you end up. 

Sharing & Uploads 

Upload a video of one of the three results: at the end of the three improvisations choose the one you wish to share and film your self in the improvisation for 5 minutes. 

Upload the video in Youtube with that Title: Day 1  (your name ) (name of character) 

The written information should include any thoughts or experiences you have with this improvisation that you would like to share. 

This can include

What you experienced physically.

What type of movement sensation arose ( i.e temperature, shaking, floating, grounded etc. )

Any images you imagined (i.e  places, situation, people ) 

Movements dynamics of body parts. ( i.e fast upper body, stamping right foot, shaking left ear. etc)

The movement in relation to time ( i.e slow & fast, stopping & starting, accelerating, & decelerating etc. ) 

How to start

Please watch this video and read the information on the film by the great Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen as a way to get warm, use the information she talks about and improvise on it as a bases to all the movements you need to get warm, and to stay fit. ( you can do this at the same time as the video plays) 

Once you have done that please take a short break and reflect on your improve, take your own personal notes.

After your break you can start with the daily task. 

Please write everything down, be creative in your note-taking, use colour, draw and write. 

Here is some music inspiration: If you decide you want to play the music you prefer please also share that!

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