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Day 2 25.03.2020

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


Watch each of our videos and find what interests you in each video locate that to a point (area in the body) of intention. i.e the point is how you believe or understand that person does the thing you like, consider the size of the point.

Find this for 3 videos, so that you have three different concepts.  

With each of the concepts, improvise for no less than 15 minutes on each concept. At the end of each improve write down what you found in the improve, (let's write down all our findings) 

Consider all your findings and create an improvisation score ( give it a name, go wild ) with your findings.  Improvise on your score for 10 minutes.

What is the score to look like

The score can be linear so time-related it can follow an order. I start with this - dynamic or quality and I move to the next dynamic or quality. etc. etc.

The score can be non-linear so your findings can be used as a way to shift between qualities and dynamics as a way of problem-solving 

The score can be goal orientated - what is your goal - set your intention and use your findings as a way to reach that goal and follow the order or structure to that goal.

The score could be a way to tell a story, what is your story today? how can you use your findings to embody and physically tell your story?

What else? please share what you want to use your score for.


Use a timer set the minimum time on your phone and film your improvisation score for 10minutes ( keep your film you will work with that - no need to upload) 

In the comments box write your score in written word (In whatever language you wish) or picture form. 

How we start

Please watch this video and read the information on the film by the great Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen as a way to get warm, use the information she talks about and improvise on it as a base to all the movements you need to get warm, and to stay fit. ( you can do this at the same time as the video plays) try this with a wall or if you have a someone at home who want to join in with you then get them involved Once you have done that please take a short break and reflect on your improve, take your own personal notes. After your break, you can start with the daily task.  Please write everything down, be creative in your note-taking, use colour, draw and write.  Here is some music inspiration: If you decide you want to play the music you prefer please also share that!

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Mar 25, 2020

day 2: impressions and solutions floating florist: fetus, reduced space, inside tube, outside pressure brushing knitter: hide and seek , thirsty dionysos yellow teacher: flying mermaid, light reciever, floating corpse bubbling cellist: inner voice, deaf loneliness, baroque exit


Mar 25, 2020

Tag 2: Fokus/Mittelpunkt/Brennpunkt


1. brushing knitter

Startpunkt kreisende Hüfte, kehrt zurück zu Anfangspunkt.

Start – Weg – Anfang...Start – Weg – Anfang...Start – Weg – Anfang. Fokus folgt dem initiierten Körperteil/Bewegung mit einem Schritt zurück.Fokus kehrt zurück, weg vom bewegten Körperteil.

∟..internal / bewegtes Körperteil verfolgend

∟..external / vom bewegten Körperteil entfernt

2. gelber Lehrer

Zwischen zwei Punkten, welche eine Linie ergibt, beginnen viele Punkte sich schlängelnd zu positionieren im Körper und Raum.

Klare Linien von Punkt zu Punkt unterschiedlich.


Dynamik wechselt von durchlässig zu gehalten, bis hin zu fließenden Bewegungen, mit Anspannung in den Händen. Klare Haltung.

Fokus extrovertiert.

3.bubbling cellist

Losgelassen im beginnenden Körperteil, sprudelnd.

Fokus verlieren in der Bewegung.


Mar 25, 2020

Day 2: Tension

Today I discovered in all of the movement beings a change of tension in myself. I could let go more in a higher muscle tension and controlled movement. I was feeling lighter and more flow in doing that as in letting myself float.

First I tried to find all the different moving concepts.

Yellow teacher – linear and twisting movement. Coming from inside, going outside

Floating florist – light weight/ chest. Liquid movement initiated by head and arms

Brushing knitter – stop/go, rewind movement. Initiation from hips, arms/ellbows

Bubbling cellist – small shakes from head, arms initiating positions, stop and go

As a second step I tried to connect one after the other. Then mixing it however…



Concept 1: Yellow teacher - rebounds of the body creating a form and finding a twist rebound .34’s - .43’s. 

Combination of points 

The rebound is a distance between two points if you go past one point in one direction you get less close to the other point - you do not reach it, therefore, the new location of that point exists on the line between the two points. The new point travels into the canvas creating the new end or start of the line between the two points. What I mean by point here is the start or end off the line, and what I mean byline is the start or beginning of the rebound. Therefore, the…


You can find the reference videos in the comment section in Day 1

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