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Day 4 & 5 26/27.04.2020

Day 4 & 5  26/27.04.2020

Work with all you have done so far its a lot.

Use all the material that you have created so far as a way to deepen and perfect your score. 

Your new score will be called Score Day 4 

This will include set material from the 3 days worked so far.

Day 1    -  The character.

Day 2   -  The Three concepts.

Day 3  -  Set material that is based on your 4 boomerangs. 

Everything else can be improvisation based on the scores that you have made which correlates to the daily tasks. 

Score Day 4 should be 15 minutes long, film it and name it.

What should be shared 

Your Day 4 score

How we start 

Please watch this video and read the information on the film by the great Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen as a way to get warm, use the information she talks about and improvise on it as a base to all the movements you need to get warm, and to stay fit. ( you can do this at the same time as the video plays) Once you have done that please take a short break and reflect on your improve, take your own personal notes. After your break, you can start with the daily task.  Please write everything down, be creative in your note-taking, use colour, draw and write.   Here is some music inspiration:

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