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Day 6 - 31.03.2020 who is my character

This week lets look into abstraction and be guided by the words of one of the most influential abstract painters Kandinsky. It is important I believe to know that Kandinsky “[He] had synesthesia,” it is written that it was, “a condition in which one sees sounds as colours and hears colours and forms as sounds, referred to in his book of prose poems and woodcuts, Klänge (‘sounds’).”

How do you imagine your character from Day 1 - the character, consider the ideas below written by Kandinsky in 'Concerning the Spiritual in Art'

The inner need is built up of three mystical elements: (1) Every artist, as. a creator, has something in him which calls for expression (this is the element of personality). (2) Every artist, as child of his age, is impelled to express the spirit of his age (this is the element of style)–dictated by the period and particular country to which the artist belongs (it is doubtful how long the latter distinction will continue to exist). (3) Every artist, as a servant of art, has to help the cause of art (this is the element of pure artistry, which is constant in all ages and among all nationalities).

Every artist chooses, from the forms which reflect his own time, those which are sympathetic to him,

This is an open task, where the information above is just a mild breeze to nudge you on your investigation. Kandinsky listened to music which inspired him to create artworks of high spiritual rather than visual fidelity “In Concerning the Spiritual in Art (1911) Kandinsky drew an analogy between abstract painting and music, commenting that ‘music has been for some centuries the art which has devoted itself not to the reproduction of natural phenomena, but rather to the expression of the artist’s soul, in musical sound'"

Where does this notion bring you?

In your way, in the way of your character?, Day 1 - the character, create, manifest through a combination of images, text, drawings, music, vocally or movement the inner harmony of your character.

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